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About  us:

Znam Co company was founded in 1993 as a specialist for development, manufacturing, trading
and export-import services. We are dealing with engine/automotive parts and spare parts for
 agricultural machines. Znam Co has presence on the following foreign markets: Germany, Poland,
Greece, Turkey, India, Iran and countries of the former Yugoslavia as well.

The most important domestic partners are as follows: PDM, Prva Petoletka, Kron, Famos and other.
The most famous foreign partners are NPR of Europe Gmbh, AMC Spain, YTRON and so on.

With the view to realise our strategy on the world market, Znam Co d.o.o. became  a member of the 
following international assocations:
  • National Board of International Chamber of Commerce - ICC Serbia
  • Serbian-Iranian Society of Friendship
  •  Section for Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland, Iran, Romania, Russian Federation at
     Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Board for international relations
  • Section for Greece at Serbian Chamber of Commerce, board for international relations
  • Serbian-Greek Business Council at Ministry of economic relations with foreign countries
  • Hellenic-Serbian Union - CCI, ESEVE
  • Alumni Fund, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade.
In the frame of the business activity, Znam Co is actively involved in Research&Development projects
in co-operation with faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac and Belgrade, domestic and
foreign partners as well.
On 15th September 2006, Znam Co d.o.o. awarded CHAMBERTRUST seal as a sign for business 
trust, issued by World Chamber Network (WCN) announced at their web site.



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